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Roman Dianiska
Pod horkou 3
976 13 Slovenska Lupca

Country of registration: Slovakia

Company registration number: 43139507

Contact email: admin@addurl.com

Terms and Conditions

General conditions

  • A fee of $4.99 non-refundable fee is charged for adding a link (lifetime)
  • The link will be included in the directory immediately after the fee is paid no later than 48 hour

We Do Not Accept

  • Sites advertising Viagra or products of that type.
  • Sites that are under construction.
  • Sites with pornographic content.
  • Sites with warez content.
  • Sites with illegal content.
  • eBay Stores.
  • Amazon affiliates.
  • Sites with excessive pop-ups or pop-unders.

Site Title:

  • Do not use this field for keywords.
  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters.

Site Description:

  • Do not use this field for keywords.
  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters.
  • Do not use HTML tags, URLs, prices, contact information, any time sensitive information etc.
  • Do not repeat the title or company name.
  • Do not use promotional language, e.g. “we are the best”.


PayPal or Stripe will be used to take all payments.


By submitting your site for review you agree to the following terms:

– The operator has no responsibility for the content of individual user websites. It only links to the user sites and the site owner or hosting provider bears all responsibility for the content of the website.

– The operator reserves the right to delete listings for users who violate this policy without refunding the registration fee. Any such deletion is recorded on the screen.

– When adding a link, the user must provide a concise name and description that matches the content of the site.

– The user must provide the real e-email used by the user-used for any contact.

– The user notes that all registered data is public except for the name and email

– The admin holds the right to add, change, remove or modify the entire or any part of the conditions and terms. There is no obligation to the admin to notify the user of changes to the terms of service.

Links to other sites

You find links to several other sites on Addurl.com directory. However, the linked websites are not controlled or owed by us. Thus we do not accept any responsibility for content displayed on these sites. The links are included in Addurl.com directory for the convenience of the users. But we are not associated or connected to the sites and do not control the operation the third party sites. This is why we do not accept any responsibility for any harm caused by linked sites.

Terms of site usage

The editors of Addurl.com directory has the right to delete or change any listing displayed at any time without notice. Sites that do not follow the guidelines and terms or violate the law may be deleted even after their initial acceptance. The displayed listings are not eligible for any refund. But sites can be permanently removed at the request of their owners.


The user agrees that he or she used Addurl.com directory at his or her own risk. The owner and editors of Addurl.com directory disclaims all warranties. This includes fitness for particular purpose, non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability. The owner and editors of Addurl.com directory offer no warranty that the search facility, provided links and emails are free of errors at any time, uninterrupted and secure. Addurl.com directory does not accept any responsibility concerning the specific results of the use of its service.

Limited Liability

By using Addurl.com directory you agree that you will be taken accountable to any violation of the terms and conditions. This includes without limitation applicable and additional conditions and terms. You agree to defend Addurl.com directory harmless from any losses, claims and liability costs. You also agree to accept the copyright and proprietary right of Addurl.com directory and of any third party involved. These obligations also apply after the termination of your relationship with our site and service.


While you use our site and its material and services you also agree to:

You do not disrupt or interfere any other user in making use of our services and the site.
You agree strictly not to upload content that may be illegal or harmful. Uploading viruses and other destructive material is forbidden.
You agree not to disrupt or interfere in the security of Addurl.com directory or cause any harm to its services, materials, system and networks.

Addurl.com directory can terminate or discontinue you access to the site and your account in case of the violation of the terms and conditions. In this case you are liable to destroy downloaded or printed material from or in connection to the services of Addurl.com directory.


All material on the website is protected by intellectual property laws. This includes content, logos and all other components of the site. You are not allowed to duplicate, reproduce, copy, sell and resell materials from the site as well as the access to and the use of the site. For any commercial exploitation or use you need the written consent of the owner of Addurl.com directory. You are also not allowed to duplicate, reproduce, copy, sell and resell material of other user or a third party without permission.

Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of our users. Your personal data will not be given to any third party without your permission. By tickmarking the box in the registration form you agree to our privacy policy, and you also agree to be included in our mailing list. If you do not wish, you can contact us to be removed from the mailing list.

Back up

Addurl.com directory is not liable for any data which is lost due to the terms and conditions or due to the operation of the site. The website is not obligated to hold back-up copies of user content or e-mail messages. We recommend to make back-up copies of the user content you post to the site.

Addurl.com directory is allowed to release information about you if this is required by subpoena or law or if the information is needed to prosecute any harmful or unlawful activity.

Refund Policy

Refund payments will be made under the following circumstances:

The site submitted is not listed or accepted by the editors.

No other conditions of refund payments are accepted.

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